Thursday, November 25, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: V is for Vegetables

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm making this post about food!  Yummmmm....

Food is not only a necessity in life, it is often a source of great story telling.  Our characters can be on a food quest, they can be trying to avoid those veggies, they can be baking something special, they can be hiding peas behind the TV (my son did this once...ew), they can be trying something new to eat, they can be remembering a loved one because of a food they used to share, they can be making a food sculpture, heck...our characters can BE food!

So on this lovely holiday that we celebrate with food...try to find a little inspiration in your veggies!  : )

1 comment:

  1. Cute! It's true, though. So many great food picture books out there. And so many I've never read, too!