Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bye-Bye Blog

After taking the last few weeks off from my blog, I have come to a conclusion.  I need to retire the blog.

I am finding that I have much more creative energy and time if I'm not worried about my next blog post.  I have so little "free" time, I feel like I need to zero in on just a few uses of that time.

I am certainly happy that I started this blog as I was just getting to know the writing community.  It helped me get to know folks quickly.  And I've made some great friends!  The challenge for me now will be to continue to visit all the great blogs I found along the way.  So, thank you all for the welcome, the friendship, the advice, and the support.  I hope I can pay it forward for all of you.

I will still be active on Twitter, so follow me there if you haven't already (@megankbickel).  I'll see you all around cyberspace!


  1. Megan, wishing you all the creative juice you need to focus your energy in more productive ways. I haven't known your blog for long, but can see your talent and will miss it. For everything there is a season... :)


  2. I will miss your blog :( But I'm finding the same challenges myself with having time for everything so I totally understand! Good luck with all your projects, have fun with your kids, and don't be a stranger :)

  3. I have enjoyed meeting you here. Good luck with everything you ever want!!

  4. It is hard to fit everything in and good for you prioritising what works for you. All the best!


  5. Hi Megan,

    Will miss your blog but hope to keep in touch through other means!

    All the best with writing and creativity :)


  6. Hi Megan, I feel the same now I'm on a break and really you know where to find your writing friends now anyway. Are you on Facebook? Take care and see you on Twitter :)

  7. Oh, no, I am so sad to hear that. But I do understand. I have gone form blogging 3-5 times a week down to barely one. It's tough to keep up with everything.

    I see you're on Twitter a lot these days. For some reason, I just can't acclimate to Twitter. i want to... but I always feel like a complete outsider when I pop in.

  8. We've been blogging, but not visiting. I, too, have taken much time off to read and write and parent and work. I'll miss you and will have to make sure I'm following you on twitter. I totally understand your decision. I wish you much luck and hope to keep in touch! Christy

  9. I am so out of the loop with all that's going on in my own life that I just discovered you have stopped blogging. Maybe you won't even read this, but ... I do wish you all the very best with your writing goals. I'm so glad we met via the Internet. See you on Twitter! Blessings.