Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: T is for Twitter

During this fabulous month of picture book ideas, I've been more active on Twitter than I was before, and with good reason.  Ideas seem to pop up all over the place from that crazy site.  I've read multiple tweets that people have gotten ideas from other people's tweets!  Who knew?  If you are a stay-at-home-parent like me, you only talk to other adults online during the day.  And while our children are often inspirational, conversations with grown-ups can be inspirational too and Twitter is a good place to have them.  They are quick, (usually) light-hearted, often funny bursts of conversation that can trigger something in your mind.

Aside from general conversation on Twitter, it is also a wealth of links to blogs, articles, pictures, videos, etc. that can trigger your creativity.  I've found so much information this way!

If you aren't on Twitter, you may want to consider it.  Even if you aren't ready to tweet, you may find that just following people is beneficial!


  1. Yes, it's nice to catch up on Twitter with others in various non-virtual groups I've joined.