Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: N is for Never Give Up!

I apologize for yesterday's lack of post.  I hadn't written ahead and this cold came up and knocked me out.  I guess I need to write ahead a little more!

But, to stay on track with my alphabet (to ensure I finish on Nov. 30th), I'm going to go ahead with letter N.

So, N is for Never Give Up!  I have discovered that my creativity goes in cycles.  It ebbs and flows.  And during those "ebb" times, it is easy to think, "I can't do this.  Who am I kidding?"  But I must remind myself that my muse will come knocking again sometime.  Maybe an hour from now, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.  But it will come.  Don't give up on your muse.

The other part of this is to not give up on a dream.  It has become my dream to get a picture book published.  Admittedly, this is a recent dream.  I would have not have thought this would be my pursuit even a year ago.  However, it has taken hold of me now.  I'm trying hard to learn as much as I can about writing, publishing, the book market and so on.  I'm sending out magazine pieces and starting a lovely collection of rejection letters.  But if it takes five years to finally write a publish-worthy picture book, so be it.  If it takes ten years, I'm in.  If it takes fifteen years, well my kids will out of the house by then, so I'll have more time to devote to it!  The point is to keep learning, keep growing, keep writing.  Never give up.


  1. Now THAT is an awesome attitude! Just what I needed to see today too, as my own attitude has been in the "ebb" phase this past week.

    Also, writing ahead? What's that? Never heard of it. :-)

  2. ha ha glad you are feeling better today. I already have my party pom poms ready for when you get published.

  3. Yes, positivity is awesome. It's late and I'm tired and I haven't worked full-time in 3 years. My youngest is just 4. I'm starting to wonder if I'm Wonder Woman after all. I feel like all I do is critique! And answer e-mails. And cook and clean and do laundry. Oh, yeah, that was already my life. Now, I just have no time to write. What! No time to write? Never give up, right? I guess that's what my lunch hour is for. Well, after I get caught up on my critiques. Anyway, never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This post is now printed and posted at my desk! right next to my serenity prayer! :D

    It's so hard to be positive! It is a daily struggle. But I am 110% a proponent to positive thinking. It's so easy to be negative and angry. But it is 1000 times harder to maintain a positive attitude in the face of hardships, whatever they be. But the rewards for doing so are a million times better than being negative and angry!

    I learned a long time ago to remove myself from anyone who fosters negativity. I was a military wife and had a friend who was so negative during our husbands' deployment. It was tearing me apart. Once I stopped hanging around her, and forced myself to remain positive, I was oh so much better and could get through the uncertainty just fine! Since then, I try my best to keep positive whatever the situation.

    However, there are times when it is the hardest. And we all do need a little encouragement from outside...this helps as does, an encouraging word from friends and strangers alike. :)

    Thank you Megan!