Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: I is for Indianapolis

I am a Hoosier.  I was born a Hoosier.  I am proud to be a Hoosier.  And I'm certain I will die a Hoosier.  For my out-of-country friends, a Hoosier is a person from the great state of Indiana.  Origins of the term are hotly debated, but it really doesn't matter.  It only matters that I am one.  And my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana is a great source of inspiration.

I grew up in Indianapolis when it was a city trying to become more than what it was.  The city leaders had great visions and big plans.  My main memory of the downtown of my youth is that it was a huge construction site.  Large pits of mud and block after block of fencing and scaffolding.  And all of that construction and all of those dreams for the future have paid off.  Indianapolis is a thriving city of diversity, change, the arts, sports, education, and family fun.  We have the downtown canal, the Art Museum, the largest Children's Museum in the world, several excellent theater groups, a world-class Symphony, amazing restaurants, shows that come from around the globe, annual festivals that knock your socks off.  We have Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.  Conseco Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana Pacers.  Victory Field, the often-praised home of the minor league Indianapolis Indians.  Our state fair is not to be missed.  Our "World's Largest Christmas Tree" and downtown light displays are sure to please.  Our Rhythm Discovery Center is a hidden gem downtown.  You can park in the heart of downtown for $1.50 for three hours!  And I haven't yet mentioned the thing we are probably best known for around the world....The Greatest Spectacle In Racing...The Indianapolis 500.

I could go on and on and on.  I love this city.  In fact, I actually now live in a small town completely surround by the city of Indianapolis itself.  I live in Speedway, Indiana where the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is actually located.  And I could go into a lengthy list of attributes just for this small community within a community.

Sure, there are problems.  Yes, there are issues.  There are everywhere.  But if I look on the bright side of my slice of the world, I find plenty.  And there is inspiration in each corner.  What about your home town?


  1. Another lovely post, thanks Megan! Sadly I don't really have a home town as I moved continent when I was 6 months old, again when I was 6 and again when I was 11... but I think I get a lot of inspiration from my multi-cultural upbringing!

  2. I'm with Grillyfish! I don't have a hometown either. I moved at 6 mos., 5 years, 9 years, 12 years, and 15 years...."settled" for a bit until I was 27, then again at 30, and finally (hopefully, maybe) at 34. But, again, like Grillyfish, I do derive a lot of inspiration from my military brat life...and military wife life :P

  3. Another midwesterner! I'm from a small town in Northern Michigan. And yes, several of my PiBo ideas are drawn from the Great Lake State.

  4. Wow Meg you are so lucky! I think my next stop is where you are ;) I love motor sports and all those cultural things to do lovely.

    btw when you said you were born a Hoosier I thought for a minute it was your maiden name :)