Monday, November 8, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: G is for Goats

I know that sounds strange.  Inspired by goats?  Really?

Well, actually, this one is brought to you by my husband.  Because for some strange reason he decided a long time ago that goats are cute and therefore, all children's stories should involve goats.  : ) 

But really, this is actually sound thinking (despite first appearances) for two reasons.  First, because I think it is perfectly fine to find something you love (or think is adorable or want to know more about) and use that as your inspiration.  If you are writing something you love, others are more apt to love it too!

Second, is the idea of writing stories with animals as the main characters.  Personally, I haven't written any of these stories yet.  For some reason I feel like I need to get writing real people down first before I can start venturing off.  But, that isn't stopping me from trying to think of a killer goat-based story idea for PiBoIdMo!  Who knows when I'll feel ready to write my first animal story?  Maybe I'm just waiting for the perfect idea to come along and then I'll dive in!


  1. I have been partial to goats ever since I met a flock in southwestern France years ago. They were all white and the owners made cheese from the milk. I petted one & found they really like getting petted around the ears (well, at least this one did). It closed its eyes & enjoyed. Very friendly flock!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Megan. I think I'm headed over to the thinking chair to think about those goats!

  2. I love goats too (although not killer ones) - lol! I, too, have never written a story with animal characters, so I'm trying to find some ideas this PiBoIdMo for either animal or other non-human characters.

    Thanks for continuing with the inspiration alphabet!

  3. Hey Megan, have you been to this blog?
    They've been giving away picture books lately, if you want to have a look!

    And, so that I'm on topic: Storybook goats are lovely. I'm not that wild about real ones, though.

  4. Dana- My experience with real goats is limited to the state fair, but I love the pygmy goats!

    Julie - Killer goats! Hysterical!!

    Su - Thanks for the site! I love free picture books!!!

  5. Loving this inspirational idea! I am the exact opposite of you and all of mhy pbs are about animals (although strangely a lot of my piboidmo's are about real people...)

    I think your husband is right and there should be lots more books about goats - both killer and not!

    Thanks Megan :)

  6. That's the first thing I thought of too Julie! Crazy goats on a rampage, like it.

    Hey have you put your name down for A Bear Feels scared on my blog Megan. I'm doing a giveaway at last.

  7. That's really cute that your hubby loves goats and wants to put them in your stories :P