Thursday, November 4, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: D is for Dessert

I know we all joke about chocolate being our motivator/inspiration/reason for being, but I think there really is something to it for me.  I find dessert inspiring because I remember it being a major motivating factor in my childhood!  And if I'm trying to connect with my inner five year old, dessert is the way to go.

Candy can trigger memories for a lot of people.  Think of how nostalgic folks get over those awful candy button things that make you eat more paper than sugar.  Or when people think back fondly on the fear of combining Pop Rocks with Coke in their mouths (certain their heads would explode).  Candy is a strong connector to our childhood.

As a side note, I ate some Nerds this Halloween and those things are just not as good as I remember.

Ice cream is a big thing for me.  When I was younger, we would go visit my grandparents every summer.  Every night after dinner my grandfather would hand some money to one of my aunts and tell us to go get some ice cream.  This was in a suburb of Boston and I'm from Indiana, so the ice cream places were all different to me and seemed way awesome compared to our Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins options in the midwest.  We got to go to Brighams to get chocolate jimmies on our cones.  And Emack & Bolio's (which we called "We Smack and Blow Your Nose") for the best ice cream ever, in my humble childhood opinion.  And there were others too.

See how I just strolled down memory lane via ice cream there?  Don't let anyone ever tell you dessert isn't a road to inspiration!

And I'd like to thank a new PiBoIdMo friend on Twitter - @KathleenIsaac - for being the inspiration for my inspiration today!  : )  Hope you found that Mars bar!


  1. Sounds like an picture book dedicated to ice cream to me. For sure!

  2. Ha ha nice, I used to have a work colleague that was quite elderly he one told me tootsie rolls suckers reminded him of his childhood. Now get this I get hyper when I have sugar, I chatter incessantly and my work output is higher, so pple thot it was funny and would bring me stuff just so they could see me get hyper, even my boss did it. I always saved the tootsie rolls for him and the look on his face was always so amazing.

  3. You really got me thinking, Megan. I can't believe I've never thought of dessert or candy as the star of a picture book before. Now I'm off to stir up a PiBoIdMo Day 4 idea.

  4. Oh, so cool to hear you're making PiBoIdMo friends! Now off to dessert...

  5. Food is great for triggering emotions - don't we all just crave some comfort food when we're down/distressed/sad etc. Most of the treats you mentioned are not available in Australia but I've read about them in novels. Don't worry, we have our fair share of treats - too many to mention, but my fave is a good ole mars bar or a Magnum ice cream. Get outta here!

  6. Christie - Anything devoted to ice cream is a great idea!

    Joanna - That is so sweet! I can just imagine the look on his face.

    Dana - It totally made my day that you got some inspiration from this!!

    Tara - I agree! It is awesome finding new PiBoIdMo friends!!

    L'Aussie - We need to have an Australian/American candy exchange, I think!!

  7. Ha! Funny about nerds. I gave those out to kids this year. Realizing that they are nothing more than gross sugar pebbles did not stop me from stuffing my mouth.