Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Writers Platform Building Crusade!

I'm going to take today's post to talk for a minute about why I'm doing this blog.  Quite simply, I am trying to establish an online presence.  One of the things that is mentioned frequently by agents and publishers is that they would like their authors to be online in some form.  The reasons for this are many.  There is an obvious sales advantage to having an author who already has a following.  Also, it allows readers to make a personal connection to the author (and therefore, the book).  Another item in the "plus" column is that editors and agents can get a quick lesson in this person that they may be putting their time and money into. 

An added bonus I have found though, isn't often mentioned in books/conferences/other websites.  It is the connection within the writing community.  Getting to know my fellow travelers on this journey has been a joy and a surprise.  And we are all trying to get our names out there and establish our presence.  So, one of these fellow writers, the wonderful Rachael Harrie, devised an idea.  She is getting a bunch of us to join together to get our names and sites out to more folks.  We are all "signing up" to basically promote one another and ourselves at the same time. 

So, I'd encourage you to sign up if you are a fellow writer-type person looking to get yourself out there more.  And if you are just a reader of my blog, I want to urge you to visit and follow some of my peers (if I can presume to call them such).  Click here to visit Rachael's site and find out more about it.  She'll be posting lists of the participant's websites soon.

And as a part of this, I've added a "follower" button on the right hand side of my page now.  So, please sign up to "follow" me!  : )


  1. Great post Megan, and so true! I'm absolutely loving the online writing community; it's a wonderful bonus to get to know so many great people on our road to publication. I'm so glad we're sharing this journey...

  2. Hello, fellow crusader! Glad to have found you too. Thanks for liking my short story :-) He he he...

  3. Nice to "meet" you Megan. From the pictures, it looks like you've literally got your hands full.
    Looking forward to following.

  4. Just signed up as a follower! :-) So true about the writing community. I also find the simple pleasure of writing blog posts that resonate with people (I know by the comments) makes blogging worthwhile. I can't imagine life without a blog now.