Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dance a little happy dance

Yesterday was one of my days I got to go to the library all by my little lonesome to do a little work.  I was very happy to have a couple hours to just write, as this seems to happen about once a week at this point.  Full of optimism and enthusiasm, I sat down in my cubbie and opened my notebook.  And then I checked my e-mail on my phone.  And then I checked Twitter.  And then I read some of my book on picture book writing.  And then I flipped through my listing of publishers.  And then I stared at the blank page again.  One hour down and no writing on the page.

So I started brainstorming.  Painfully.  Slow.  Brainstorming.

Then I surfed the web.  Then I checked my e-mail.  Then I sat and stared at the stacks around me.  Augh!  I e-mailed my husband and he (very wisely) said, "You need a break."  I was annoyed with myself since I so rarely get writing time and I couldn't write.  But, when the muse isn't there, the muse isn't there.  So, I took my husband's advice and packed it in.  I got in my car and put on some very loud music and drove to pick up my son from pre-school.  Right in the middle of my off-tune shout/singing of "Bad Romance" the idea I had been trying to coax out, hit me.  Luckily I had just pulled into a parking spot at the school because this warranted some serious dancing.  And thank goodness I was early and the other parents weren't around yet, as my dancing is libel to be mistaken for a medical emergency.  But I danced for a good five minutes at the joy of breakthrough.

Now I just have to wait until next week's two hour window to actually write it!


  1. Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" has brought out breakthroughs in me as well. I've actually posted about it a few times over on my blog.

    Don't think I've ever danced in joy though ... maybe just sang along even louder!

  2. Hi Megan, great to join you.

    I'm quite capable of wasting hours doing 'stuff' other than writing, and always seem to do my little bit of writing at the very end of the session when the clock is ticking. But luckily those little bits do add up to a book eventually!

    I really envy people who can work for several hours straight and write thousands of words at a stretch, but it's just not me. Not yet, anyway.

    Hope next week's writing session goes well for you!


  3. Welcome, Adina! Isn't that frustrating?! Luckily I'm trying for picture books, so quantity of writing isn't too much of an issue, but I can't make a book out of NO writing! : )

    Quinn - that is so funny! Maybe Lady Gaga has some special mojo for creativity...

  4. Go the happy dance!!! :) Can't wait to hear what you come up with in your next session...

  5. I have that song as my default ring tone. Maybe you should think about that so you can get inspiration at all times of the day!

  6. Let us know if you have your next great idea in the supermarket! :)

  7. "A medical emergency." Too funny. I say, DON'T WAIT! You might forget your idea breakthrough. Spend 5 minutes to write it down NOW. Even if it's just a sketchy description.