Thursday, September 16, 2010

The happily rejected

About a month after I sent out my first batch of magazine submissions I got my first rejection letter.  You would think the normal response would be to feel upset or discouraged.  I, however, had the opposite reaction.  I was joyful!


Because if I'm getting rejected, that means I'm trying.  I'm writing.  I'm submitting.  I'm out there.  I did a little dance when my husband handed me my self addressed stamped envelope.  Someone out there had read my work!  Yes, they rejected it.  But they did so nicely.  It was a form rejection letter, but I thought it was a very pleasant one.  Ironically we had received our copy of this particular magazine in the mail the day before and I saw an article that was VERY similar to the one I had submitted, so I was expecting a rejection anyway.  But one overwhelming theme of the children's writing world is kindness.  Yes, it is business, but it is also a fantastic community of writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, teachers, agents, and everyone in between.  But I digress...

Since that first rejection, I've gotten several more in the mail.  I have to admit that the last one bummed me out a little, but that was the first one that did.  I let myself pout for about an hour and then got out my notebook and started brainstorming new ideas for the magazine that I had sent the latest rejection.  Keep learning and writing!

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