Friday, September 17, 2010

I'd rather be with the kids

Last week I had two whole hours all to myself when all three of my kids were in school.  This is a rare treat.  Time for me!  I was kind of at a loss for what to do with myself.  I didn't want to go home and do chores.  This was special time.  I can grumble and moan about the dishes and the bathroom floor while the kids are with me.

So, I decided to grab my notebook and head to the library to find a quiet spot to just write.  Imagine the luxury!  I would be able to complete thoughts, write whole sentences and maybe even brainstorm some new ideas.  I practically skipped through the front doors.

Then I did something entirely foreign to me.  I turned left into the grown-up part of the library instead of turning right into the children's room!  It was a whole new world!  Mind you, I've been going to this library at least once a week for the past three years, but I discovered two whole rooms I didn't know where there!  I've run briefly into the grown-up stacks to grab a mystery novel occasionally, but I had never explored this part of the library.  So, I wandered around for a bit just admiring the books, tables, computers, and such.  Then I found a cozy cubbyhole for myself and got settled.

I started writing.  Oh the joy!  The peace!  The...snorting and sniffling of the people next to me.  Gross!  There were two people hacking all over the place.  It was so disgusting I had to move.  I circled around the room looking for a place far enough away from the germ-fest, but ours is a small library.  So, I went back to the front of the library and headed for the children's room.  Back where I belong.  I found a desk spot and cheerfully listened to kids playing as I wrote.  The children's librarian was baffled to see me without my normal hip attachments, but I explained that I tried being a grown-up, but couldn't.  I'd rather be with the kids.


  1. I love it Megan, it's so funny you should talk about wandering into the adult section (that sounds worse than its meant to!) because I'm heading to the library soon and not to my usual hang out the picture book section. I am so in the zone to pick where up where I left off years ago with a novel. So MG/YA section here I come! Love your blog btw!

  2. You are so funny ... I was all set to hear about how wonderful the adult section was ... it was like a parable!! You surprised me and made me laugh. Thanks, I needed that.