Friday, October 29, 2010

Who Wrote This?

A few weeks ago I dusted off my journal and decided to record some of my deep and meaningful thoughts.  But, before I did, I took five minutes to read all of my previously recorded deep and meaningful thoughts (it only took five minutes because I'm terrible at keeping a journal).  And the first thought that came to mind was, "who wrote this stuff?"

This does not just happen in the journal that I remember to write in twice a year.  It happens with my other writing too.  I've come across things I've written in my writing notebooks from just a few months ago and I think, "oh this is good...I don't remember writing it at all" or "what the heck was I thinking...this makes no sense and whoever wrote it may have only recently learned English."

Isn't that amazing?  I mean, the brain I've always had is still a mystery to me.  I don't even recognize it sometimes.  Whenever I feel like I may be running low on ideas, I can reassure myself that my brain will be a totally new creation in a few months, days, or even minutes.  The ideas will come (oh yes, they will come PiBoIdMo!).  I may just have to become someone different than who I am at this second in my history.

P.S.  How cool is it to have a written record of who you are at any given moment?  Totally cool-tastic.

P.P.S. The me at writing this post at the beginning didn't know that the me at the end would invent a lame word like that.


  1. I suck at writing journals. I didn't do it as a teen. I tried it in university for a few weeks, but then throw it away because I didn't want anyone to accidentally discover and read it. There was stuff no one needed to know.

    I even wrote, at the recommendation of a NICU nurse, in a journal when my son was born three months premature. But after a while that got boring. Mostly it became a record of his weight gain as nothing else big was happening after the first weeks. And then I forgot to write in it. Oops!

  2. Don't like re-reading mine, Megan, I sound so self-pitying :0)

  3. ha ha i've never been good at journals either. not even the baby or 1st pregnancy journal

  4. Oh, I have about 15 or so journals. The other day I pulled one out and read it for two hours. I was mesmerized. It was wild being transported back into time. Then I daydreamed about the past for a couple of days. I've been writing in journals since I was seven. But, I have found that I haven't written nearly as often since I got married 14 years ago. What would usually take me only six months to fill up, has (after marriage) taken me nearly three years to fill up (for the same size journal). I'm too busy writing up other stories to make time for writing about my own little life.

  5. Whenever I feel like I may be running low on ideas, I can reassure myself that my brain will be a totally new creation in a few months, days, or even minutes.

    This is a very comforting thought, and an intriguing concept. I like it!