Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Recommendation #5

In keeping with yesterday's post, I've got two funny writer/illustrator books for you this week:

First is Pigs To The Rescue written and illustrated by John Himmelman.  These pictures really make the whole story move and work.  Brilliant!

I love this one so much I asked for it for my birthday this past week!  I got it and read it to the whole table (of adults) as soon as I opened it.  So, run out and find Children Make Terrible Pets written and illustrated by Peter Brown.  You get the idea from the title and it is executed perfectly.

Oh!  I just realized today is my blog's one month anniversary!  Yippee!  


  1. Megan:

    Happy anniversary! I wasn't aware that you had started a blog. Looks good. I'm ancient and my kids are grown, but you give some wise tips for parenting.

  2. I expect a personal reading when I get home next week!