Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The I-submitted-too-soon Syndrome

I had a lovely manuscript.  Just lovely.  I had revised it completely about 5 times and made minor (yet extensive) revisions another 10 times.  So I did my research and sent that lovely little piece of writing out to five publishers.

And then regretted it a week later.

I thought of a different way to tell my lovely story.  Wait!  I can do better!   I can do better!  Come back, manuscript.

Much like my cats and children, it didn't come back when I called.

So, I re-wrote my manuscript and now I'm actually holding my breath hoping for rejections to come quickly and the allotted time for "assumed rejection" to pass.  I want to send my new and improved loveliness out into the world.

And then I'll probably regret it a week later.

Welcome to the wonderful world of self-doubt!  Come, have a seat on the sofa of can't-stop-revising!  Rest your feet on the ottoman of my-brain-won't-shut-up-about-it.  I'll be the chick sitting next to you.  : )


  1. We all do this, Megan, over and over again, each time we think, THAT'S IT! it's ready, and of course it rarely is. And it's not that you need to change the story line, I find there is nothing that you can do other than practice and practice. I'm reading through a children's novel I wrote about two years ago and it's interesting to see how I've progressed as a writer in that time. I'm now writing with more depth, at greater length without being too wordy, there's less stiffness, fewer awkward sentences. I know that if I live long enough my work will be more than acceptable, and all I can do is keep writing and know that I'll get there. You have your life in front of you, so there's plenty of time to succeed. Hugs..

  2. We've all been there/done that. Who knows - maybe you won't get rejections. Maybe there will be an acceptance!

  3. Ah yes, we know self-doubt well. But the good news is, you only sent it to five, right? Good luck!

  4. Been there, done that. You are not alone and you're going to need a much bigger couch. After I completed my first MS, I sent out queries before I ever even researched queries. I had a huge red spot on my forehead for weeks after banging my head into a wall after that one. I've never felt so stupid. I just hope none of those agents remember me.

  5. Hmm... This must be one of the first posts I've read where someone is ASKING for rejection!!
    Hee hee :-)

  6. Self doubt is horrible. But well done for not allowing it to stop you from finishing your manuscript (like I'm doing!) Good luck!

  7. I'm going to pull up a recliner in the self-doubt room, so I can lie down when I start to feel lightheaded.

    And I LOL-ed at your cats and children. :)