Friday, October 22, 2010

A poem: Writing in rhyme takes a lot of time

Have you every tried to write a really good rhyme?
And what should take a second, takes much more time?

The rhythm's wrong, you trip on each word.
Your brain makes up things you thought you heard.

Counting syllables and drumming out a beat.
It makes you want to turn and retreat.

A poem should be easy, a piece of cake!
But each stanza is awful, you're a poetic fake!

Take this rhyme, that I just jotted down.
Yes, it may rhyme, but a poet would frown.

My attempts are clumsy and elementary, my dear.
I just don't have a true poet's ear.

But does that stop me?  Oh, no!  Not I! 
I'll keep plugging away, give it the ol' college try.
And when I get stuck, I'll just give a sigh.
Until all that's left to say is "Bye-bye!"


  1. I love it! I'm not even going to give it a try. It would take me weeks to achieve a big #poetryfail. ;)

  2. I wasted many hours already on my attempt at a rhyming picture book. At this point, it's personal!

  3. Oh, I love poems! Rhyming poems are very underrated and underused, imo.

  4. I hate to say it but I am no poet.
    Written one but too ashamed to show it.
    Instead I come to say thank you so much.
    For the words you left, for my heart they touched.


  5. I love reading poetry but I'm no poet. I think poetry writing is harder than prose. Cute little ditty you wrote..:)

  6. I find rhyme really difficult so I won't be trying either but this made me smile.

  7. You cannot fail unless you try - that's true.
    But you can't succeed unless you try - some do!
    Maybe that will be you...

    If you try. :-)

  8. Great poem :) Keep on plugging can do it!