Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: U is for Uncles

Okay, this one is a little crazy, but some of these letters are HARD!  : )

What I really mean here is extended family.  All family is a great source of inspiration!  And usually we think of our kids or our immediate household as the family that inspiration comes from, but I say...branch out farther on your family tree!  Think about those family gatherings...weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc.  I'm willing to bet everyone has an arsenal of insanity in their family somewhere.  Could a picture book be born from the wacky great-uncle or the grumpy grandfather?  You bet!  You may find inspiration in the people of your extended family or the situations you have found yourself in with them.

So, when you get together with that family tomorrow (USA friends) for Thanksgiving...maybe bring a notebook!

Note:  I will still be posting over the holiday weekend!  Have to finish the alphabet by November 30th, you know!  : )


  1. My family lives in Finland and England, and my husband's lives in Germany, so we don't see our extended family at all. Even our parents and brothers don't live near us.

  2. You're so right: use the crazy family behavior for a positive outcome!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Megan!

  3. My brother lived with us for the whole month of Oct (with his two cats!), so my kids got a big dose of their Uncle. His cats made my PiBo list! But I never thought of him as inspiration for a PB before. Hmmm....