Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: B is for Boys and C is for Cats

B is for Boys:

As you can see from my pictures over there (*points to the right*) I have three boys.  What you cannot see over there that they NEVER STOP TALKING.  Seriously.  Never.  They all talk in their sleep.  They talk with their mouths full.  They talk when the others are talking.  They talk during TV shows and movies.  They talk incessantly.

While this results in a lot of, "Please stop talking just for a second" and "For the love of Pete, I'll pay you $5 to just be quiet for 30 seconds," it also provides inspiration.  Listening to children talk (or scream or mumble) is a great way to find a phrase or snippet to launch your imagination.

C is for Cats:

Also in my house are two boy cats.  That's right.  I have a husband, three boys and two boy cats.  I need some girls in my life.

Anyway, the cats (Audi and Alex) are also a source of inspiration.  I like to imagine what they are thinking.  In fact I often supply their voices for them throughout the day.  "Mom, my two-legged-less-hairy brother is pulling my tail again.  Please help."  "I think I need to bite something.  I'll go with Audi's butt."  "I've been awake for like 45 out in middle of doorway or half on my keyboard & half on my desk)"

While this is mainly for my own amusement, it is also just the kind of thing that can lend itself to inspiration.  Putting yourself in someone (or something) else's head is fun!


  1. After having two boys, I was thrilled to have a girl. Guess what? (Eek! I hate it when my kids say that before beginning every sentence) Girls talk as much as boys--if not more. Only my daughter goes on about being sexy and cute guys (and she's only six!!!!).

  2. My son is 18 months and talks and babbles like crazy! I wanted a verbal child, but now I kinda regret it. It's too late to turn him into a mime.

  3. I HEAR YOU SISTER! ("Need some girls in my life.")I have 1 husband (1 is enough!) 2 boys, boy dog, boy cat and lots of our friends have boys too. Last year when on holidays we visited friends... who have 4 boys... and the wife was away the whole time we were there!! (Bad timing - she truly DIDN'T go away just because we were coming... I don't think...)

    Ummm.... that wasn't really the point of your post - but that comment resonated with me. :)

  4. ha ha hang in there, luckily bloggyland is filled with loads of girly girls.
    The good thing is when your boys get older you will be the mom of 3 loving boys and everyone would want to hang out in your basement.

  5. *gigglesnort* Our house is exactly balanced. Boy adult, girl adult, girl child, boy child, boy dog, girl cat. The boy adult and girl child are particularly persnickety when I put words in their mouths. The boy child is inclined to sarcasm and statemenst like 'you're weird mom'... which I can tolerate (he is my brain child... the girl child looks like me, the boy child thinks like me). I LOVE making up words from the animals though--those ALSO result in 'you're so weird mom' from the boy child, but at least the girl child laughs and shows no hostility (which is unusual--she is 15 and usually hostile)

  6. My son never stops talking either. In fact, he practically shouts everything (I'm sure this has to do with him being the baby of the family).

    I also love imagining what goes on inside animals' heads. Tomorrow you could use D for Dog - My daughter and I are working on a story about the day our dog ran away - told from his perspective!

  7. It seems all of our children need a "talking time out"! : ) But then what would we do? Complete a thought? Talk to our significant other? Bah!

    Stina - I don't know if I could handle girl talk, so I'm probably better off!

    Theresa - Mime children would be uber creepy!

    Kat & Joanna - That is why I'm loving the girl power in the writing world - Yeah, ladies!

    Hart - You crack me up! Has everyone read Hart's interview over at Rach Writes? Go, read, laugh.

    Julie - I loved the first installment of your daughter's story about your dog. When do we get more?!

  8. Wow, you're all so blessed. My son has never been a talker. He even started late as a child, though once he did, he was speaking in complete sentences in no time. I say, Enjoy those talkative boys! The other extreme, one who rarely talks, is no blessing.

  9. Megan, I'll be a girl in your life!

    Hart, I think we're twins or something. Now all I have to do is get a boy cat!

    Julie, check out The Dog Who Cried Wolf by Keiko Kasza.

    My 6 year old boy talks all the time, too. He gets in trouble at school for talking too much. He also talks very loudly (and not because he's the youngest). And he's started talking on the phone! What are we going to do?!

  10. Carmela - Good point! I've had friends who have late-talkers and it totally stresses them out.

    Christie - You are my girl!