Sunday, November 14, 2010

My ABCs of Inspiration: L is for Lady Gaga

Or Lady Antebellum.  Or Louis Armstrong.  Or Lionel Ritchie.  Or whoever you listen to when you need to relax or just dance it out.  My point is, music allows us a release.  And sometimes to get the creative juices flowing, you just need to belt out an off-key tune in your kitchen or get down with your bad self in your car.

This is kind of like the journal thing I mentioned on Thursday.  You have to unclog your brain to be able to hear your muse and music is an easy way to unclog.  Personally, I like to throw on all my kick-butt songs and sing as loudly and terribly as I possibly can.  It lets out any frustration, stress, or even joy and exuberance.  And then I'm ready to brainstorm.  The blood is pumping, the synapses are firing, and my children have been struck deaf by my terrible rendition of "Just Dance." (truth-in-reporting-note: I never listen to Lady Gaga with my kids in the car.  So I shake it to Tom Chapin and Harry Connick Jr.'s children's album)


  1. I miss being able to sing in the car. It's the only place I ever let myself go. I have to find inspiration while walking... generally without music, because the music I listen to tends to inspire very inappropriate story ideas for kids or middle-graders. Maybe I need to switch to YA... :)

  2. My nephew loves Lady Gaga! He's only two, but understands the power of music. By the way, your boys are so cute!

  3. I will take Lady Antebellum svp and for conflict inspiration or destressing I always recommend Eminem.

  4. Have a wonderful vision of you singing along - go for it!


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