Monday, February 14, 2011

Kid-joy shines through

Good morning everyone!

After taking a week off for family reasons, I'm back!  I'm sure it will be a few days before I've caught up on everything, but I'll be digging in whenever I have a spare moment.  I miss my online friends!

Many of you probably guessed, I took the time off due to a death in the family.  I don't want to get into it much here, but please know I've appreciated all of your concern, virtual hugs and real prayers.  You all rock and I'm doing fine.  Sad, of course, but also thankful and joyful.

Joyful?  Well, yes.  I have many faith-based reasons to be joyful, but I wanted to talk about the joy that comes from my kids.  As a parent, I think we often become immune to our kid's joy.  We're used to it.  We see it all the time.  And often it manifests itself in annoying behavior (jumping from room to room, giggling loudly when you are on the phone, inability to sit still during dinner) so we overlook it.

But this past week, I payed more attention and drew strength and my own joy from my children's exuberance.  For kids, emotion lives in the moment.  If they are immediately faced with a sad situation, they are sad.  But, they move on quickly.  Funeral home...not fun.  But cookies in the "family" room?  Fun!  Grown-ups standing around talking quietly...not fun.  But rows of chairs to run up and down and count over and over again?  Fun!  A long procession of somber people into a building at a cemetery...not fun...but oldest said, "hey, it's a funeral conga line!", I guess it was fun!

While some of these may seem inappropriate to you, I know the person we were celebrating would have loved it.

And to kids, nothing is inappropriate yet.  We impose those standards on one another as we grow up.  There is nothing wrong with living in the immediate "now."  As parents, we can draw inspiration from our kids joy - no matter what form it takes.  And as writers, we can remember this kind of kid-centric view of the world.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I think it's true though, that kids are amazingly resilient, and that many of our loved ones would want us to see life's happiness, even at sad times. I also think it's good for kids to have some losses young--they are more able to learn some perspective than someone who doesn't lose anyone until they are much older.

  2. So sorry for your loss Megan, I didn't know you about it. It is a credit to you that you always see the sunny side of life, good on you. Wouldn't it be great to be a kid one day a week?
    Take care

  3. Hi, Megan! Thanks for stopping by. I love making new bloggy buds!! :-)

  4. Thanks, Hart & Catherine!

    Hi, Shannon! I love making new bloggy buddies too!!

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss, fellow crusader. Kids are amazing at funerals as they tend to be totally in the present. Your pics on the side are gorgeous, I'm sure your loved ones are giving you the greatest strength.

  6. So sorry for your loss, but good for you for seeing the happiness in the moment!

  7. Thank you Summer, Margo & Lydia! : )

  8. Welcome back. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Children are a source of such immense happiness, even though they'll sometimes drive you crazy :-) I love the photos of you with your kids.

    Welcome back to blogworld and happy Valentine's day.

  9. Sorry for your loss. I wanted to stop by and say hi to a new blog buddy. I noticed you on the Crusade. Good luck! I'm a follower now. :)

  10. My thoughts are with you.

    Just popping in to say hi from a fellow Crusader.

    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  11. You just won the Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to check it out

  12. I'm sorry about the death in your family. But very glad to meet you. I LOVE THE NFL, too. WOOT! I will whisper the name of my lifelong team. But please, don't tell anyone. *Dolphins* Shhhh. They aren't doing so well these days. Ahhh, maybe if there's a lockout, that'll give 'em time. And they need lots of time. *wink*

    The crusade is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool! Following back.

  13. Sorry for your loss and glad you found some joy. Nice to meet you and look foward to being your blogger buddy thanks to the crusade :)

  14. I LOVE the funeral conga line. And I am sorry for your loss. And happy that you have such wonderful children to hug.

  15. Your story was very comforting, and I felt your journey with you. From a cursading buddy, so sorry for your loss, and looking forwad to reading more of your inspiring words.

  16. Megan,

    I'm so sorry for your loss and even more so that I don't know the specifics. I have been offline for more than a few days.

    I know exactly what you mean about kids being able to "rise" in moments of crisis. Even tonight, on Valentine's Day, my daughter recounted memories of my father (gone three years now) that I would now have though of without her. And they are always happy memories of the things he used to do (like "super-tight" hugs), rather than the sadness.

    Kids are resilient, but they are also very wise. They respect what has gone before, but they live in the present with only one eye on the future. That is why we have so much to learn from them.

    I hope you are doing okay, and please let me know if I can do anything to help.

  17. Hello! Stopping by to say hello and follow. Meeting so many great crusaders this week.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  18. Awh that is so sweet! Sorry to hear of your loss. The children's versus the adult perspctive is an interesting and thought provoking one. More Hugs x

  19. Hi Megan, I'm glad to see you're back, and I'm sorry to hear of your loss. You never cease to amaze me with your insight into family... into life.

    I really needed this post today. I have been losing patience with my kids when they've just been doing what you described--enjoying the moment. Thanks for reminding me what's important.

    *big hug*

  20. Whew! All these great comments! I'm overwhelmed with all of your nice thoughts and sympathy. Thank you all. Big hugs back to you all!