Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Thoreau - Who's with me?

I going to do it.  I am.  One day I’m going to snap and go all Henry David Thoreau.  I will abandon all my possessions, build a cabin in the woods and have one chair made of tree limbs one pot to cook in and a bed of leaves.  That’s it.

Think of the bliss!  The freedom!  I won’t step on a Lego or a Hot Wheel ever again.  I won’t have my soul crushed by laundry.  I won’t want to crawl in a hole when I see a stack of paper two feet high on my kitchen table.  I won’t have to deal with repair men for broken appliances or plumbers for clogged pipes.  I won’t spend an afternoon cleaning out a closet when all I wanted was a tote bag which is buried under every shoe, hat, and shin guard in the free world.  I won’t make piles of “give-away,” “garage sale,” “attic,” and “trash.”  I won’t buy more stuff to organize the stuff I already have.  I won’t be embarrassed that my children say, “I already have this” at a birthday party or Christmas.  I won’t bump my hip on the corner of a shelf and break 20 things as they cascade to the floor.  I won’t marvel at the quantity of garbage and recycling we produce in a week.  I won’t long for a bigger house because ours feels too crowded.  

As soon as I figure out how to prevent a fit of sneezing and itchy eyes each time I get a whiff of Mother Nature, I’m totally building that cabin in the woods.


  1. I'm with you!! Forget the stuff. Except perhaps the allergy medication? :)

  2. I've been saying for some time that modern life sucks and I'm going to grow a beard and live naked in a cave!

  3. I'm pretty sure the laundry will go with you, unless you plan on this being a nudist cabin. :/

    However, I admire the sentiment!

  4. Take me, take me! I've got a tent, and am ready whenever you are. :-P

    <3 Gina Blechman

  5. Wait, are you living your life or mine? :)

  6. I would so love the peace and quiet to read and write, but I think my allergies would do me in, too. Oh well.