Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where are you inspired?

My writing time has been very hard to come by lately.  So, when I get a little bit (even a smidgen - I really love that word) I feel like I need to make the most of it.

95% of the the time I have no choice about where I write.  My children determine it for me.  I write in the living room during a video.  I write in their bedrooms while they play around and over me.  I write in the car waiting to pick them up.  I write during sports practices, during Sunday school, and in doctors office waiting rooms.  But there is a magical 5% of the time when I get to pick where I write.  On the few occasions when all three are in school and I'm not participating in anyone's classroom, it is all up to me!

And I have discovered that I can not write in silence.  It is just too foreign to me and my lifestyle to have quiet.  I find it horribly distracting.  So, my new favorite spot to write is a bagel/coffee shop.  It is sufficiently noisy, I can have a whole table to spread stuff out and - bonus - I can eat a bagel there too!  Yum!  : )


  1. I like writing in our mall food court. There's lots of interesting characters to study there :)

  2. I kid myself that I can write in front of the TV, but I really, really can't. Luckily I have a little tucked away office in our house which is ALL MINE! I write very easily there, but always have to hand my collection of 'inspiration photos'; photos I've taken while I'm out and about of all sorts of random things!

  3. Mmmm, bagels. We don't get those very often, here. :(

    Good for you for being able to write with noise. I can't do it. Even music distracts me--I get sucked into the lyrics or rhythm. It's terrible. :)

  4. I try to write when they are clambering over me, try to shut out the kid chatter. Just recently I discovered if I lay on the floor with them, they play happily and I can scribble in my notebook. Yay for stolen writing moments! I know a time will come when the babies are bigger and I can slip into a coffee shop and write. Ah! But then I will be wishing for these golden baby moments again!

  5. I went to a teaching conference last spring and found myself alone in my hotel room, ready for hours of uninterrupted writing time. Finally I just turned cartoons on since it was how the first half of the book got written!

  6. Oh that sounds like a really good idea Megan and a new cafe has opened in my little town so I might just do the same. Roll on Thursday! Ooh bagels!