Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and Month of Poetry

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope everybody enjoyed the holiday break.  I sure did!  It was heavenly to just ignore technology for a while.  I may have to do that more often!  : )

I wanted to tell you all about this great exercise I'm participating in this month.  It is Kat Apel's Month of Poetry (MoP).  The goal is to write a poem a day for the month of January.  So, we are already on day three, but if you wanted to join, you still could!  I am doing it to get my creative juices flowing again after the break and to try to curb my fear of poetry a little.  You can choose to share your poems or not on the blog Kat has set up for it.  My oldest son is participating now too!

If you are interested in finding out more, just click here.

I'll be back with my regular posting schedule tomorrow!


  1. How I wish I could join in, despite writing deadlines. Very envious.

  2. I suck at writing poetry. Plus I'm going to be busy querying one novel and editing another. Not to mention blogging. But it sounds like a great idea for those without a rhyming disability. ;)

  3. I hope you'll share some of your poems with us!

    Happy new year. :)

  4. And some of your cookies ;) MoP is so much fun.

  5. Happy New Year!!! Glad you had a great holiday.

    Can't wait to see some of your poems :)