Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Month of Poetry Update

Happy Tuesday!

When I started the "Month of Poetry" I had the best intentions.  Well, I've totally failed at actually doing a poem a day.  I think I did the first 10 days and I'll be doing the last 10, but I flaked in the middle there.  Life at work and with family issues just got to be too much and my poetry motivation left me.  I'm happy to have it back though and I thought I'd share a few of my poems, if you promise not to laugh.  Remember this is for practice and (for me) overcoming the fear of poetry.  There are no points for brilliant structure!

Some people wanted to see some of my poems, so I'm posting some of my parent related ones here on parent-motivation day.  Enjoy (I hope)!

Waking up
The morning dawns
As rain’s rhythm sings to me
Rolling over
Finding comfort
In the sweetness of delay
Voices float
To my cocoon
Insistent on attention
Cold floor
Heavy eyes
“Good morning, Mom”

Please don’t make me play that game
I’m sick of all this fun

I’m going to hide that gosh darn thing
Does it have to be this one?

We have a closet full of games
Just pick something new

I guess I’ll bite my tongue because
I’m spending time with you

Feed Me
What's for breakfast?
What's for lunch?
We are a hungry, rowdy bunch!

Can I have cookies?
Or candy?  Or junk?
Any plans for healthy food are sunk.

I found a jellybean
and a Cheerio, I think
Into my mouth before you can blink

We are scavengers,
the three Bickel boys
We are like vultures...with much more noise!

Happily I clean the family room
and move on to the next
I cheerfully attack the kitchen
and move on to the next
Contentedly tackle the playroom
and move on to the next
Go back to rest in the family room
all my work has fallen victim to my children
grumpily move on to the next


  1. Megan, your poems are great! I especially like the first one. And the second one :) You are doing way better than me with Month of Poetry... I think I've only written 6, and I wouldn't post any of them! Maybe I'll try again today... :)

  2. I was so excited for the month of poetry and than the morning sickness hit. No one wants to read about vomit!

  3. These are wonderful! I think the first one is my favorite. :)

  4. Thanks, ladies! Theresa - hang in there! Vomit poems are kind of gross... : )

  5. ...cute poetry. As a father of three, your writing is my daily adventure:)

    Glad I stopped by,

  6. Delightful poems Megan, and it really doesn't matter a hoot how often you write, it's just something to enjoy and learn from at your own pace. With 3 kids you should be exempt from guilty feelings. look forward to reading more :)

  7. Thanks, Elliot! Glad to meet you!

    And thank you, Kanga. I'm going to put "With 3 kids you should be exempt from guilty feelings" on my bulletin board!

  8. Megan, you made it farther than I did, so go you! Anyway, the point was to have fun, and it's clear that you did.