Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Recommendation

Sorry to get this up a little late this weekend!  We had internet trouble this morning, so I have an excuse, really I do!

On to the recommendation though!  I'm going to go with The Cow Loves Cookies written by Karma Wilson (of Bear Snores On fame) and illustrated by Marcellus Hall.  I adore Karma's rhyming schemes and this book does not disappoint.  I find her books a joy to read out loud.  I never trip over words or meter.  The story is adorable as well.  My boys had a great time yelling "COOKIES" every time I would say "but the cow loves...".  All around fun!


  1. I think you're allowed to get up late on Saturdays... I'm sure that applies to your blog, too. :) This book sounds like fun!

  2. Ooh, sounds too good! (and yummy...) I have Marcellus Hall's book, Because You Are My Baby, written by Sherry North. I love Hall's illustrations! And of course my library does not own a copy of this book. Awww, man!

  3. That does sound good, I'm surprised i haven't come across it in the library. One of my favourite authors too. Thanks Megan!

  4. :0) thanks for the recommended read! i have two boys at home and know this would be fun! and thanks for the comments on our blog. i didn't realize getting agents for pic books was more difficult than other genres (prob cuz i'm not writing one). but, best of luck in your search! christy


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