Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sympathy for the Sick Mom

Inspired by my 48 hour knock-out via strep throat last week:

An Acrostic Poem for the Sick Mom

Still trying to correct, clean and manage
Utterly exhausted, sore and hurting
Putting one foot in front of the other
Even while the body objects
Ready for action - just slower, quieter

Manipulating schedules to prevent spreading disease
Offering microwaved meals and lots of TV time
Medicine to the rescue!


  1. Hope you're feeling better!
    Ever noticed that when dads are sick they lie around and moan and need tea and sympathy, but when moms are sick it's business as usual? :)

  2. Oh I do hope you feel better soon. I could feel your discomfort and exhaustion. Rest!

  3. Oh, you poor thing. Strep sucks. Hope you're feeling better now and not too overwhelmed.

  4. Ugh. Strep stinks. I love how you described the feeling of needing to keep up, but feeling miserable while doing it.

  5. You'll look back on this, and you will_________.
    Fill in the blank, because I remember all of that and I still don't know how I got through it.