Monday, March 7, 2011

WriteOnCon Scheduled!

Please take note of my fun new widget on the sidebar!  It is counting down to one of the most helpful (and super fun) resources I have found for writing.  WriteOnCon!  It is a totally free and completely online writing conference complete with chats, presentations, forums and a huge helping of helpfulness.  So, everyone mark your calendars for August 16-18!  I'll see you all there!

Oh, and here's the link to it!!


  1. If it's completely online you won't really be "seeing" anyone there, will you?

  2. I hadn't seen this yet, thanks! I'm thankful it's that week - it's my last week of summer vacation!

  3. If I ever escape from the clutches of my present novel I'll join! Sigh...

  4. Sounds interesting - I never heard of it before so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for mentioning it!

  5. I grabbed a widget to remind myself and everyone that visits me. Thanks for the post!


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